Wednesday, November 25, 2009

birthday wishes


hope you had a GREAT day.

thanks for being the awesome friend that you are. 

you’re the best!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

happy thanksgiving to us

when we went out this afternoon, i picked up my phone to call my mom & noticed i had a message.  i called to get it.  it was our apartment complex asking us to call them when we could.  since we were already in the car, we decided to swing by the office and i would run in to see what they wanted.


our first thought was “oh no, what’s wrong?”  Anyway, as i was getting out of the car, i told jeff that i entered us in a drawing earlier this month for a turkey dinner that our apartment was doing.  no way could that possibly be the reason they called. 

i walked in the office and they said that we won the drawing. 

what?  are you


we now have a thanksgiving feast.  (not that we need to make thanksgiving dinner)  but, now we will & we will have lots of turkey sandwiches.  we like turkey.

we got all of this:

an 18 lb. turkey all for us.  sweet.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

hi, ho-ho

santa is already at the malls.  wow!!

luke wnted to go see ho-ho (santa) at the mall yesterday.  he doesn’t go sit on his lap or anything. he just likes to look & wave from a distance. 


i know the pictures are not the best- sorry.  we were upstairs looking down to santa.  and i didn’t have my “good” camera.

luke was waving between the glass.  santa did at one point look up and wave.  but, of course luke won’t wave back to him..  he only waves when santa is not looking.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


here are a few random pictures of luke & sara.  sara just follows luke everywhere.  and luke loves it when she looks at him & smiles/laughs.

( in the last picture luke is telling sara all about how a duck bit his finger while he was throwing bread to them)

011 010



luke is always so anxious for sara to wake up so he can play with her.  when she wakes up, he excitedly responds, “sara up now”

the other day, i heard luke in my room where sara was sleeping.  he was saying “wake up sara”, “please wake up”


hyp test 028 hyp test 027

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no more


has no more


005 007


yesterday we took away luke’s binky for good. he did great all day yesterday and today.  he even did awesome overnight

Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween part 2

we went trick or treating in grandmas neighborhood.  there was a block party on her street, so we got some yummy food first. 

luke wasn’t much into the whole trick or treating thing at first, but then we caught up with tanner.  he quickly got up the momentum after that.


052 053



058 059

luke didn’t like for people to put his candy in the bag for him.  he had to get it himself.  so, at some houses luke got a double helping,

halloween part 1

we went to toys r us for their halloween deal.  they gave out bags to all the kids.  the kids got a little candy, too.


luke got to build a car out of legos.  (with a little help from dad)

then, geoffrey, the giraffe came out to do a parade with the kids.  luke was too afraid to go walk with him, but we got pics with him.


041 044



thursday night was grandma nevada’s ward halloween party.  lots of food, games, and, of course, CANDY,


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007 009
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