Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Seeing if this app works on my tablet

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ashley’s 1!!!!

this past sunday, we had some family over to celebrate ashley’s birthday.  she turned 1 on november 30.  On sunday morning, luke helped me make some cupcakes.

ashley got her own cupcake.

she liked it.  after she had hers, she would walk around waiting for someone to set theirs down, and she would steal it.

then luke helped her open presents.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 weeks

2 weeks ago our vacuum died.  we have had this vacuum since we got married, 61/2 years ago.  we LOVE it.  it’s a bissell lift off bagless vacuum.  AWESOME vacuum..


WHAT HAPPENED:  the cord,plug thing that attaches the canister to the base melted.   nice-huh?


we tried to just see if they sold the replacement parts so jeff could fix it.  but, from what i could see, they only sold half of what we needed.

anyway, i called bissell to see if there was anything i could do.  and GUESS WHAT????   they told me to cut the cord, send it to them with the prepaid shipping label they emailed me, and when they got that they would send me another vacuum.  WHAT???? REALLY??? a NEW vacuum?? ( well, re-manned) but still. for FREE!!!!!

in the meantime, my friend and neighbor, heidi, let me borrow their spare vacuum.

it was also a bissell.  kinda like a stick vacuum.  

i appreciated the loan, thanks heidi.  because i didn’t know what i was going to do without a vacuum for 2 weeks. 

well, yesterday i got my new vacuum.  it’s a bissell muticyclonic pet vacuum (also a lift off and bagless). SWEET!!!!

055 057

one of the things i missed about my vacuum(besides the lift off canister) was how long the cord was.  seriously, i could vacuum my ENTIRE apartment without unplugging it.  well, i am so excited that this new vacuum has the long cord as well.


Monday, October 17, 2011

halloween fun

on friday, tanner came over and we did a few halloween crafts.  we made candy necklaces. 


we put stickers on a pumpkin and ghost.

004 007

and then when jeff got home from work, we put together a halleween graveyard.


and made ghost cookies



a few days later, i made some witch cookies

054 056

i used this neat thing mom got me to help me frost things.  it works pretty well.  it also comes with about 8 differnt tips.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011


so today, luke picked out a movie to watch while the girls were napping.  he picked out the video that my brother, matt, made  of pictures of my dad. 

Luke was telling me that he misses grandpa ray.  to which i replied that he has never met him.  he said “YES, I DID”  “i met him when he was buried”  he then went up and gave grandpa ray a hug.


such a SWEET boy!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

sea life aquarium


on July 29, some people from jeff’s work got together and went to the sea life aquarium at arizona mills.  it was lots of fun,

we got to touch starfish

004 005

luke was excited that he got to see some creatures from spongebob

022 023

026 005

they have a 360 tunnel to walk through it’s pretty cool

we got to watch them feed stingrays

034 041
045 046
047 049
007 008

other random pics from the trip

002 010
016 018
020 027
056 015


Jeff’s work group


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ok, i’m a little behind… 4th of july

last fourth of july,  we saw that there was an event going on at the peoria sports complex.  we thought that five dollars for jeff, and 5 dollars for me (kids 12 and under free) didn’t sound too bad.

they had bounce houses, music, water slides, and OH YEAH, food.  the Fireworks show had music to go with it. 

the one IMPORTANT thing that we seemed to have not taken into account was that it was summer in phoenix.  so, sitting outside was not really fun.

so, THIS YEAR, we got SMART.  we bought a shade tent from costco in preparation for this event.


the kids had a BLAST on all the water slides (and in the canopy)

001 003
028 083
042 072
044 067
048 051
055 062