Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ok, i’m a little behind… 4th of july

last fourth of july,  we saw that there was an event going on at the peoria sports complex.  we thought that five dollars for jeff, and 5 dollars for me (kids 12 and under free) didn’t sound too bad.

they had bounce houses, music, water slides, and OH YEAH, food.  the Fireworks show had music to go with it. 

the one IMPORTANT thing that we seemed to have not taken into account was that it was summer in phoenix.  so, sitting outside was not really fun.

so, THIS YEAR, we got SMART.  we bought a shade tent from costco in preparation for this event.


the kids had a BLAST on all the water slides (and in the canopy)

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Susan said...

that looks really fun!!

Lorraine Genchi said...

Looks like good family fun:)