Tuesday, August 25, 2009


luke was being awfully quite earlier tonight, so i looked in the living room where he was and found…

feel better 007

feel better 008

feel better 002 feel better 003
feel better 005  feel better 006

what is it you ask?  what we refer to as “feel better” (brooke’s family calls it that and now so does luke)

feel better 008

feel better 017

apparently, he thought his bear needed some. ( we use it for diaper rashes- works great)

feel better 011 feel better 020

needless to say, he got in the bath. if that’s what he wanted, he could have just asked.  his bear is being washed as i write this.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

san diego zoo

this past sunday, we went to san diego for  a couple days with jeff’s mom.  she wanted her brother and sister to see her grandkids.  (do you blame her, they’re ADORABLE)  sunday night, we had dinner at lorraine’s brother’s house. where they all got to meet the kids and i for the first time.

monday was a day to have fun.  we decided that we would enjoy the zoo.  we thought we would spend about  2-3 hours there and then go to the beach and back to the hotel.  but, the zoo is so big that we ended up being there for 7 hours.  we still didn’t get to see everything.  it took us 3 hours just to walk through the “ children’s zoo” we had so much fun.  the weather was beautiful. 

here are some pictures.  i did not take a lot, but atleast i didn’t forget to take pictures on my vacation.  ( it seems that every time there is a really cute picture oppurtunity, my camera is never handy- why is that?)  we had a blast anyway.

007 008
012  017
015 037
039 044
046 049
057 051

061 063
066 069
068 075
073 070


our last exhibit we saw.  took us a while to find ( we took a wrong turn.)  but, worth the wait.   one of our favorites. 



see ya next time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

all by myself

luke got himself dressed all by himself today.

001 003

pretty good, huh?

take a closer look..

004 006


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

suggestions, PLEASE

i think that i will be attempting to potty train luke in the next couple weeks.  i bought him cars underwear the other day. today, he is wearing underwear over his diaper.  does anyone have any tips/suggestions/advice for potty training?  is it harder to potty train boys?  how long should it take?

032 033 


Thursday, August 6, 2009

off to work

this afternoon, luke came and proudly announced to me that he was going to work.  it was really cute. :)

i’m not sure where he gets the idea that you take bags to work because jeff doesn’t.  however, it just came to my mind that he does take a little cooler bag for lunch. 

kids are funny!

here are some close-ups of sara

Monday, August 3, 2009

im back

we finally got our internet up and running tonight.  gee, i missed reading blogs all weekend.  but i got all caught up.

now, let me catch you up on what happened since our internet got turned off.  sara went to her 2 month appointment.  she is now 12 pounds- 50th percentile. and she is 22 inches- 25th percentile.

P1040483 P1040485
P1040484 P1040486

Luke got another ear infection (the doctor said it is a continuation from the one he just had.

AND, most importantly, we got all moved into our new apartment.we are settling in pretty well. the kitchen, living room and bathrooms are all put together.  now to tackle the bedrooms- fun.