Thursday, September 24, 2009


we found this at walmart , & thought that luke would enjoy it. 


boy, has he ever. this has been the first thing he does when he wakes up and goes at it all day.  i love it when he enjoys something this much.

002 022
024 023



now when i start taking pictures of him, he holds up what ever he is playing with for the camera to see.  man, does he have this pictures thing down.  is that a sign that i take TOO many pictures?

016 017
019 020

great find for $17.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


thursday morning, luke had tubes put in his ears.  the day before, a nurse called jeff giving instructions on what to do.  we were to be at the surgery center at 6 am for a 7 o’clock surgery. (we got an early morning phone call from mom- the clock says 6- shoot, we were supposed to be there now.  ( i think the alarm never went off. but jeff says it did and he kept hitting snooze)  so, thanks for the wake up call, mom) Luke could not have anything to eat or drink for 8 hours prior.  there was a little bit of paperwork to be filled out.

Luke waiting to be called back.


we got taken back to the pre-op room fairly quickly.  the nurse came to ask questions about luke.  (you know- the common dr questionnaire)  then we waited for an hour and a half for them to take luke back.   

the nurse took luke from jeff and carried him out.  luke was crying and reaching for dad.  jeff said that was the hardest moment in his life. nothing you can do for him. 

we both went to the bathroom and when we came out the dr was on his way to get us.  he said everything went well.  5 minutes later we were able to go to be with him in the recovery room.  he did great.  the nurses said that kids usually wake up screaming, but luke was fine.  we took him home and took naps.

we have eardrops to give him for the first week.  he is supposed to wear earplugs for the first wekk if he takes a bath or goes swimming.   after that, he can do whatever he wants without earplugs.

Friday, September 18, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) BROOKE.!!  the big 31. 


brooke is:




a great mother, sister, & aunt

missed a ton

a good friend

a good listener

a good coupon buddy

an awesome cook

an exceptional host when people come to visit

a BLAST to be with




we love & miss you, brooke

jeff, kristen, luke & sara


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

major cuties

018 020



Luke got a mr. potato head from costco.  anyway, the container is a big mr potato head.  luke put the hat on sara and then himself.

017 021

Friday, September 11, 2009

five little monkeys

luke picked out this book at barnes and noble the other night.  he came home and wanted to read it to sara.  (nana & papa have this book, so he already knows it)

monkeys 016

monkeys 017

“ fell off, bump head”-  i love his actions

Monday, September 7, 2009

movin’ on up

we took a trip to ikea today and got luke a new bed.  it’s a twin size bed.  it was on sale and we got the LAST one. hehehehe!

he did pretty well going to bed tonight.  i laid with him for a few minutes and then left. he never tried to get out or even made a sound after that

my boy is growing up too fast!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

love/hate relationship (tell me i’m not the only one)

018 016

i love how my kids cuddle together

i love that luke loves sara so much

luke likes to help in any way he can

ex.  buckling her car seat, bringing me diapers, bringing me burp cloths, burping sara

sara is so patient with luke

i love that my kids can make each other laugh/happy

i love it when luke gives sara hugs & kisses

luke makes sure she always has a blankie & binky

i don’t think i could ask for better kids

i love my luke & sara


(until this happens)

021 019


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new furniture and other stuff

we got “new” couches the other day.  pepper is painting the living room that they were in, so he asked if we wanted them.  



when we went to get them last night, it started raining about half way there.  well, being arizona, we thought that the rain would let up.  NOPE!  so. the tarp we were going to put under the couches now had to cover them.


sam and mel (jeff’s brother & girlfriend decided to upgrade their TV.  we were the lucky recipients of their old TV.


other news:

while we were at jeffs doctor appt. yesterday, we had the dr look at luke’s ears.  yep, you guessed it… ANOTHER ear infection.  he now has to get tubes in his ears.  so the date is set for september 17 ( so if I get to busy and forget to call you then brooke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY) 


enjoy some pictures of my  precious children

015 021