Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new furniture and other stuff

we got “new” couches the other day.  pepper is painting the living room that they were in, so he asked if we wanted them.  



when we went to get them last night, it started raining about half way there.  well, being arizona, we thought that the rain would let up.  NOPE!  so. the tarp we were going to put under the couches now had to cover them.


sam and mel (jeff’s brother & girlfriend decided to upgrade their TV.  we were the lucky recipients of their old TV.


other news:

while we were at jeffs doctor appt. yesterday, we had the dr look at luke’s ears.  yep, you guessed it… ANOTHER ear infection.  he now has to get tubes in his ears.  so the date is set for september 17 ( so if I get to busy and forget to call you then brooke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY) 


enjoy some pictures of my  precious children

015 021

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Trent and Brooke Warner said...

your kids are so cute. I love your 'new' couches. It's always nice to get hand me downs isn't it?