Tuesday, August 25, 2009


luke was being awfully quite earlier tonight, so i looked in the living room where he was and found…

feel better 007

feel better 008

feel better 002 feel better 003
feel better 005  feel better 006

what is it you ask?  what we refer to as “feel better” (brooke’s family calls it that and now so does luke)

feel better 008

feel better 017

apparently, he thought his bear needed some. ( we use it for diaper rashes- works great)

feel better 011 feel better 020

needless to say, he got in the bath. if that’s what he wanted, he could have just asked.  his bear is being washed as i write this.


Brooke said...

good work, luke. on second thought, maybe i don't need that at my house right now =).

amyraye said...

i love bag balm, but that stuff can be nearly impossible to get all wiped off. yuck.