Wednesday, August 12, 2009

suggestions, PLEASE

i think that i will be attempting to potty train luke in the next couple weeks.  i bought him cars underwear the other day. today, he is wearing underwear over his diaper.  does anyone have any tips/suggestions/advice for potty training?  is it harder to potty train boys?  how long should it take?

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abby said...

i think every kid is different. but milo is 3.5 and he JUST BARELY got potty-trained. he just didn't want to before then. i think what it took was him seeing other cousins going on the potty. i would play that up.

Staci said...

Boys just aren't usually as interested in wanting to be potty-trained. But, if they have an interest, I'd certainly jump on that and keep it going. We always kept a jar of candy in the bathroom. Everytime they "sat" on the toilet (whether they go or not) they get to take a candy out. It is basically training them to go the candy usually keeps them interested in sitting.

amyraye said...

BE CONSISTENT. if you're pretty sure he's ready, do not give up when it gets tiring or hard. once you've banned diapers, do NOT go back.

i have always potty-trained my kids WITHOUT pull-ups (hate them) and without anything on their bottoms. they always peed in underwear, but they were scared to pee if they didn't have anything on at all. you'll have some messes to clean up and you need to stick around your house for a couple days, but it's fairly quick. and definitely reward and make a huge deal out of every little success and completely downplay the accidents for now. good luck!
love your new header picture.