Tuesday, August 18, 2009

san diego zoo

this past sunday, we went to san diego for  a couple days with jeff’s mom.  she wanted her brother and sister to see her grandkids.  (do you blame her, they’re ADORABLE)  sunday night, we had dinner at lorraine’s brother’s house. where they all got to meet the kids and i for the first time.

monday was a day to have fun.  we decided that we would enjoy the zoo.  we thought we would spend about  2-3 hours there and then go to the beach and back to the hotel.  but, the zoo is so big that we ended up being there for 7 hours.  we still didn’t get to see everything.  it took us 3 hours just to walk through the “ children’s zoo” we had so much fun.  the weather was beautiful. 

here are some pictures.  i did not take a lot, but atleast i didn’t forget to take pictures on my vacation.  ( it seems that every time there is a really cute picture oppurtunity, my camera is never handy- why is that?)  we had a blast anyway.

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057 051

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068 075
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our last exhibit we saw.  took us a while to find ( we took a wrong turn.)  but, worth the wait.   one of our favorites. 



see ya next time.

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Brooke said...

looks like a lot of fun. but it makes me tired just looking at the pictures. luke looks adorable. glad you guys got to go. who forgets to take pictures of their vacation, anyway? losers.