Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 weeks

2 weeks ago our vacuum died.  we have had this vacuum since we got married, 61/2 years ago.  we LOVE it.  it’s a bissell lift off bagless vacuum.  AWESOME vacuum..


WHAT HAPPENED:  the cord,plug thing that attaches the canister to the base melted.   nice-huh?


we tried to just see if they sold the replacement parts so jeff could fix it.  but, from what i could see, they only sold half of what we needed.

anyway, i called bissell to see if there was anything i could do.  and GUESS WHAT????   they told me to cut the cord, send it to them with the prepaid shipping label they emailed me, and when they got that they would send me another vacuum.  WHAT???? REALLY??? a NEW vacuum?? ( well, re-manned) but still. for FREE!!!!!

in the meantime, my friend and neighbor, heidi, let me borrow their spare vacuum.

it was also a bissell.  kinda like a stick vacuum.  

i appreciated the loan, thanks heidi.  because i didn’t know what i was going to do without a vacuum for 2 weeks. 

well, yesterday i got my new vacuum.  it’s a bissell muticyclonic pet vacuum (also a lift off and bagless). SWEET!!!!

055 057

one of the things i missed about my vacuum(besides the lift off canister) was how long the cord was.  seriously, i could vacuum my ENTIRE apartment without unplugging it.  well, i am so excited that this new vacuum has the long cord as well.