Friday, September 14, 2012

luke mommy date

last night, chick fil a had a mother son date knight.  you had to make reservations. 

when we got there, we were greeted by a hostess who showed us to our table.


the tables were all decorated with a tablecloth and everything

we had a waitress come take our order.  our waitresses name was Taylor.


and they brought our food out on plates.


they even had menus for us



during dinner, the cow came out and you could dress up like a knight to take pictures.  luke is always mesmerized by the cow.

009 010
012 015

luke also got to color his own shield

after dinner, we got free ice cream cone cone or a mini sundae



we both had a really fun time. it was nice going out with


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

too fast

today, august 8, 2012,was luke’s first day of school.  i can’t believe i have a child old enough for kindergarten.


he was SO EXCITED to start school.  he is riding the bus this year.   Luke has  some friends from our apartment complex that he was looking forward to ride the bus with.

luke, & sara, waiting for the bus






getting on the bus…



the girls waiting for luke to get home…


getting off the bus…


Luke said he had an AWESOME first day!!  i’m really glad he had such a great day.  it was a bittersweet day for me. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

new living room

a couple weeks ago, we decided to finally change our living room.  we have been wanting a different couch for a while now.we ended up getting a little bigger couch than originally planned, but we found this couch for the same price as a smaller sectional.  AWESOME DEAL!!!!

Unfortunately,  i don’t have a pictured of our old couch.  but, i LOVE our new couch.


since we got a bigger couch than planned, we needed to now upgrade our tv.

our old tv

new tv


our old tv and couch made our ling room feel so small.  we were limited aas to how we could arrange furniture.   we are  still a bit limited now, but the room seems much more open.  it seems to be a lot easier to keep clean.


the thing that really started this whole redecoration was that we wanted to make room for a dining room table.  we made a trip to ikea to check out a few specific tables.  jeff spotted this one and really liked it.  again, not what we originally went for, but actually, better.  


it was PERFECT for us.  but what if we have company, you ask?  the best part of the table… each end has a pull out leaf.


we decided that since the kids were getting older that it was important to have a table where we could ALL sit together to eat.  having a table makes a HUGE difference.  before, all we had was a little kids table. 

Anywway, now we turn off the tv during meal time and luke and sara like to say the prayer.  it has been a FATASTIC change for us and WE LOVE IT!!