Friday, September 4, 2009

love/hate relationship (tell me i’m not the only one)

018 016

i love how my kids cuddle together

i love that luke loves sara so much

luke likes to help in any way he can

ex.  buckling her car seat, bringing me diapers, bringing me burp cloths, burping sara

sara is so patient with luke

i love that my kids can make each other laugh/happy

i love it when luke gives sara hugs & kisses

luke makes sure she always has a blankie & binky

i don’t think i could ask for better kids

i love my luke & sara


(until this happens)

021 019



Brooke said...

yep, that pretty much is how it works. sara was in the wrong place at the wrong time =).

amyraye said...

it just means luke really loves her. he was sharing his tattooing skills.

amyegodfrey said...

Kristen, your children are so beautiful!