Wednesday, August 24, 2011


luke started preschool on monday, august 22. he was SO excited to go back.

the week before school started, his teachers were scheduling in home visits.  our turn was on wednesday morning. luke loved having his teachers come to his house.  his new teacher this year is MRS. MELISSA.  she just moved her a month ago from florida.

then on friday, they had an open house for both am and pm classes.  the kids had a lot of fun in the classroom. 

232 237

(the first picture has mrs. lisa and the second picture has mrs. sandy- they are assistants)

238 239

luke with his cubby






246 249

261 264

walking to the bus….    267





here it comes…


282 284
luke and noah

285 bye bus, bye luke and noah… have fun at school


waiting for the bus to bring luke home…..

001 004

011 hi luke

017 014


luke said when he got home “I am so excited for the second day of school.”

he has so much fun at school.  but as soon as he gets off the bus, he gives sara a great big hug.  he misses sara when he’s gone.

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