Wednesday, October 28, 2009

one down

when my visiting teachers came over yesterday they asked me if i was going to the halloween party that night.  ummm… what?  how come i didn’t know about this?  i am on the activities commitee and knew nothing about it.  anyway, jeff had school and wasn’t able to go.  so my v.t offered to pick up me and the kids.  luke had a great time with her kids, one of which is in nursery with him.



luke refused to wear his monkey costume ( he had just been woken up from a nap and still a bit groggy) so, he was a skeleton.  (thanks ray and nolan) 


there were chili and hot dogs for dinner. each of the youth groups had a game booth set up.  one of the booths was a bowling alley.  luke loved this one.  he got 2 srikes. 

i forgot my camera so i missed out on some really cute pictures.  i know, i know… what kind of mom forgets to bring her camera to a halloween party? 

look what luke came home with:


AND we get to do this all again thursday night for grandma’s ward party.  YEAH!!

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amyraye said...

i believe ray is wearing that same outfit today- and yesterday.