Saturday, February 20, 2010

looking spiffy!!

both of jeff’s brothers are getting married this year.  one on march 6, the other october 1.

mike and cat (the one’s getting married march 6) want luke to be the ring bearer.   

so i thought that i would go check out burlington coat factory for a suit.  we found a suit, but it didn’t even come with a shirt and tie.  (other one’s did, but they weren’t his size)  so, we were going to leave.  on our way out, we walked by the formal wear.  we found a tux.  for the same price as the suit pants and jacket, you could get a tux completed with a cummerbund  and bowtie.  i thought it was too cute to pass up.  Luke wore the jacket through the store.

then i thought, shoot, now we have to buy him dress shoes because he can’t wear tennis shoes with a tux. it just wouldn’t look  right.  we found some at kohls.  i like them because they are velcro so luke can put them on himself.

i think he likes them.  he has put them on everyday since we bought them.

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amyraye said...

i love little boys in tuxes. can't wait to see him all spiffed up for the big day!

make sure you get good use out of that tux- and have him wear it to church every week after the wedding. :)