Monday, June 14, 2010

what a cow says…

Luke had spent all weekend at grandma nevada’s house.  After my dr. appt this morning, we went to pick him up from grandma’s school. (she had met julie there to do some cleaning)

anyway, later, grandma, luke, and barb(another teacher)walked up to the office. the library is adjacent to the office. and in the library is a cow that some student painted.  luke called “barb, come see cow!” they all went into the library to see the cow.  grandma told luke to tell barb what a cow says. 

luke replied “cow says,

eat more chicken.”


amyraye said...

sounds like you need to eat less chick-fil-a.

Brooke said...

dang it! amy, how did you beat me here? now my chick-fil-a comment isn't so funny.