Wednesday, August 4, 2010


a week and a half ago, luke fell and hit his eyebrow on a box and split it open.  we took him to mendy’s place (a pediatric e.r.).  an hour and a half and four stitches later, we were on our way home.

CIMG0145 CIMG0146

to numb your wound now, they have a really cold liquid (i forget what it is called) that they put on a cotton ball and secure to the area for at least 20 minutes.

* sorry, i forgot to take before and after shots of his eyebrow.

** am i the only mom that has a hard time watching something happen to their child knowing you can’t do anything about it or take their pain away?

  let me explain…  the lower half of the eyebrow (cut/ whatever you want to say) did not get numb enough.  luke tried to be brave during the first stitch.  he only flinched a little.  but, having had tons of stitches myself, i knew that he had feeling.  from the second stitch on, he was SCREAMING.  can you blame the poor guy? 

the doctor was originally going to give him 5 stitches.  but, we all thought 4 would suffice.  not to mention, i’m not sure that luke, jeff, or i could handle another one.

don’t tell jeff i told you, but when they were all done, i saw jeff wipe tears from his eyes.

       luke got a teddy bear afterward. 


Melody said...

poor baby!

amyraye said...

oh man! those parenting moments are excruciating. i remember when elli fell and knocked her 4 front teeth loose when she was three. after the pediatrician, and er, we ended up at the dentist where it was decided to pull the 2 big front teeth out. she was terrified and screamed and screamed. damon and i and 2 other nurses had to literally hold her arms and legs and body down. we felt horrible.
don't tell jeff this, but him shedding tears makes him a good dad.

Brooke said...

how is he wearing long-sleeved pajamas tops and pants? makes me sweat just to see him. i hope his eye is feeling better. i'm lucky to have andy take care of the "medical" parenting. not one of my stronger points.