Tuesday, September 21, 2010



i never posted about our trip to tucson.  we went up to tucson for a few days before we had to move.  we came back the day we were supposed to get our keys.

my mom had a teacher conference in tucson july 17-21.  Well, usually her & her friend, julie, share a room. but since julie was going to have her husband come up for a day or two, they booked two rooms.  so, mom invited us to come hang out for the weekend.

we drove up friday night and came back tuesday morning. 

mom did have classes most of the time we were there, which was a bummer.   but it was nice to just hang out in the hotel and go swimming and just relax a bit. 

the MOST WONDERFUL part of our hotel room was the GIGAANTIC bathtub.


it rained the day after we got there.  anyway, the lightning struck a cactus in the hotel parking lot and broke it into a couple pieces.  so, they blocked off the area and had to cut it down the next day .

here is a picture of where the cactus used to be. in the center of those rocks.


the morning that we left, i had to stop here to get a drink.

luke had so much fun being at a hotel.  he did not want to leave.  he asked when we got back home, if we could go back to the hotel.  this is him when we got in the car to go home.



amyraye said...

eegee's = flood of memories of lena raban and sarah godfrey. good times.

abby said...

LOVE eegees! and ditto to amy's comment.