Tuesday, November 16, 2010


luke had an MRI and an EMG (electro myography) done today.  yes, they put him to sleep.  because of the anesthesia, he could not eat anything after 6 am or drink anything after 1o am.  we had to be at the hospital by 11 am to check in.

his MRI was scheduled at noon, and his EMG was scheduled at 1.  well, he didn’t get taken back til 12:45.   we got taken back to the recovery room around 2:30. 

jeff and i were given these when we checked in and luke got a bracelet.

017 016

when luke  was shown the mask that he would wear to put him to sleep, he was given a bear with his own mask.

037 038 039

jeff got to go back with luke while they put him out.  but, because i am pregnant, this is where i had to say goodbye.



in recovery…


luke was a good sport today. he woke up from the anesthesia really well.


abby said...

kristen, what's up? is he okay?

kristen said...

abby, we went to see a neurologist a couple months ago, and he thinks luke might have ataxia, just like me. so, he wanted to do some tests to see if that is the case.

Lorraine Genchi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad they are testing him and I hope everything works out.