Monday, December 13, 2010


last thursday, luke had a preschool evaluation.  i think it is called the eccel program or something like that. anyway, it’s a community preschool that you can either pay for or if your child has a developmental delay, you can qualify to have the government pay for it. 

well,  at the evaluation, there was a speech, occupational, and physical therapists, and a school psychologist.  LUKE QUALIFIES! 

we will have an IEP meeting on jan. 3 to discuss everything.  about ten days later, luke can start school.  he even gets to ride the school bus.


Brooke said...

that's awesome. is it everyday all day?

amyraye said...

definitely awesome news. he will love it- and you will love the door-to-door transportation.

kristen said...

only mon.-thurs. we will see if he goes in the morning or afternoon at his IEP meeting.