Friday, February 4, 2011


we bought a minivan on wednesday.  a used minivan that we paid CASH for.  it is a 2003 ford windstar LX.  it was sad to hand over that lump sum of money, but it is oh so nice to have space in a car again.

we still have our other car, for the time being, until we figure out what to do with it.  we’ve talked about selling it.  we’re not sure yet.

it does have a bench seat in the middle, which i am not crazy about.  but, jeff says that he can remove the bench and put in bucket seats.  now we just need to find some (at a junkyard- most likely)


tonight, we went to the glendale chocolate affaire. (me, luke,sara,ashley,grandma nevada,,chad,& tanner)  yes, we filled our new van.  we put it to good use already.

we had fun.

the kids rode some rides.


007 012
017  018
015 021
020 022

then we rode a bus to ceretta’s candy co.  where we got to sample some YUMMY chocolates.the middle picture is the candy luke bought there.the last picture is a huge football that says “go packers” & “go spurs”  (i know it is blurry- because it was wrapped in plastic)


amyraye said...

congratulations! so awesome that you have room to spare now. and even more awesome that you were able to pay cash for it. super exciting, kristen.

also, ashley looks so much like you! can't wait to meet her in person. :)

kristen said...

amy, did that mean you are planning a visit here soon?