Monday, June 20, 2011

leaving a legacy

we have been talking about Grandpa Ray quite a bit these past two weeks. i know i have mentioned him before to luke, but i think he kinda understood a little bit more this time.  one day, Grandma Nevada was in the car with us when we passed by the cemetery.   Grandma waved and said hi to grandpa. which then led to some questions and explaining to luke.  i told him that i had a book of pictures of Grandpa Ray i would show him.  so the next day we did. i explained to luke who was in the pictures.  after we looked at the scrapbook,  he sat down next to sara with the book and told her all about it.  he did the same thing when jeff got home from work.  about a week later. luke stayed at grandma’s house.  well, he found her book, and told her all about it,

i showed luke where we keep the book, and that he can look at it anytime he wants.  he has pulled it out several times since. 

we also watched the dvd i have.  i usually tear up when i watch it.  Luke asked what was wrong, and i told him that Grandpa Ray is my dad an i miss him. he gave me a hug and said “mom, it will be ok.  you can go see him with me”.  so yesterday, we went to the cemetery.

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abby said...

that was so sweet kristen. i love your dad too.