Monday, February 2, 2009

Luke and his chair

Tonight, Luke was being so funny. I was trying to take a picture of him sitting in his chair. Anyway, when I get the camera out and back up, he thinks that he needs to scoot closer. So, after a few minutes, he would start to scoot back in his chair.

then he would pick up his chair, while still sitting in it, and come back to where I was.

Needless to say, but i didn't get a great picture of him. sometimes it frustrates me because when he sees the camera come out, he won't do whatever he was doing anymore. :)

1 comment:

amyraye said...

this is the post i missed; you were right. i didn't see it because of the other one.
he looks so cute; so blonde like you. kids are always fascinated with little chairs at this age.
thanks for your phone call today.