Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the past few days, Luke has been going in the bathroom, lifting up the toilet seat and then taking off his diaper. so, we let him sit on the toilet. he doesn't do anything, but i think he likes to sit on it and feel somewhat like a big boy. he doesn't always like having a diaper put back on either.
i know...... we need to get him his own size toilet seat.
I am not quite sure that he is ready to be potty trained. or maybe it's me who is not ready for her baby boy to grow up too much. maybe a little of both. we'll wait and see what happens.


amyraye said...

just get him his own little potty and encourage wherever you can; don't let it annoy you because it could turn him off to potty-training when he's ready.

Matt said...

Sweet! He's gonna really *love* that you posted these for all the workd to see when he's a teenager.

Doesn't the internet rock? Now you can pre-emptively prove to your teenagers that you're out to destroy their life 13 years in advance.