Friday, March 20, 2009

bad day!!

well, I did have a lot of pictures to upload to the blog today. but, after my day, you will have to wait.
A few days ago, Luke started getting a fever, but pretty much only at night. this morning he woke up at 6:30 burning up, so we took his temperature. 101.6-wow!! he was up for about an hour before i put him back down. while he was napping, I called the pediatric nurse. she told me that i should bring him in. so i called jeff at work, he got off early and we went to the doctor. ANOTHER ear infection. when we left the doctors, we went to fry's to fill his prescription. #3 HOUR WAIT-holy smokes!
anyway, we went to another store and luke was upset that we made him sit in the cart. In an attempt to cheer him up, i slipped and fell. i heard my knee pop. NOT good. i think i am fine. luke did quit crying- but i started. Too much sitting- must go ice my knee now.


amyraye said...

yikes. hope you're taking it easy and that you didn't do anything major to your knee. ryan and robby may be able to give you some advice for you injury. :)
does luke get a lot of ear infecions? has your doctor talked to you about tubes?
take it easy.

kristen said...

yes, luke has an ear infection about every other month. my doctor hasn't said much about tubes. but another doctor in his office we saw once suggested it (especially since i said that i had tubes) we just haven't gone to the specialist yet because we didn't have insurance, but now we do. i will probably call on monday.

Melody said...

Dang, Kristen. Be careful! Your knees never get a chance to heal, huh. I'm sorry. What a horrible day. Hope you can figure out something for Luke. Poor kid. Jaidyn was the only one that ever had an ear infection and it was one time. So I don't have any knowledge on the subject and can't give any advice. Sorry!