Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Fun

Pepper & Amy invited us to go have a picnic and have some fun with them today up at Anthem Park. we have never been there before, so we had no idea what to expect. the park was HUGE. anyway, at first, we couldn't find pep & amy, so we just let luke play for a while while jeff walked around the park to see if he could find pepper. he did. so we went over by them. it was a lot of fun. Thanks Pepper & Amy for a nice couple hours at the park. it was such a beautiful day to be at the park. Luke had fun with Reese and Alexis.

Luke taking a break to shove an oreo in his mouth

We flew kites and had a great time. Every time Luke got to hold the kite, he would just throw the string and so Pepper would have to chase it.

Grandma trying to get the kite out of the tree (thanks Alexis)
We fed the ducks... well, tried to, but the ducks were being stubborn and wouldn't come over to us. I have never seen ducks NOT want bread. oh well...




amyraye said...

Reese looks so big and pretty! Who's Alexis? Is that mom/pep/amy's neighbor-friend?
pepper is wearing SHORTS? it's snowing here today. i'm so jealous. didn't see amy in any pics (or you, kristen). wish we could come visit during the winter instead of the summer heat.
thanks for posting!

kristen said...

Alexis is Hilary's daughter. I am never in any pictures because I AM taking them.

You guys need to come visit NOW. the weather is beautiful.

Melody said...

Anthem park is BIG. I've been once and couldn't believe all the grass, seeing how I miss it so much in Utah. Looks like Luke loved it there.