Tuesday, May 12, 2009


sorry, i haven’t posted for a couple days.  this is my THIRD post tonight.  but, I just got a really cute hair cut before i have the baby this week.

P1040119 P1040120

my mom has a student that goes to cosmetology school who volunteered to cut my hair for me.  the best part of it all- the price.  $7.

P1040121  P1040129
P1040123 P1040128


amyraye said...

LOVE it! so cute; hope it's easy to maintain. it may be your last haircut for a very long time. :)
also, that picture that you took of yourself- you could have at least smiled a little bit. i mean you KNEW you were taking a picture of yourself. :)

Melody said...

very cute. Don't you feel all sassy now. All ready to pop that baby out? Luke will have fun here.

abby said...

darling hair cut!

Oma (Robyn Stoneman) said...

Cute hair, and congratulations on the Baby!