Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Pepper & Amy had a party for all the neighborhood kids tonight.  luke & i went too. jeff missed out because he had school.  it was held at the green-belt just around the corner from their house.


pepper & amy had a lot of fun things for the kids to do.  a giant sized ball thing that you can roll around in, a slip-n –slide, and a PINATA.

P1040041 P1040053
P1040062  P1040069
P1040055 P1040071
P1040078 P1040081

thanks for inviting us.  we had tons of fun.  let’s do it again sometime.

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amyraye said...

looks like so much fun! what a cool slip-n-slide. and i've always wanted one of those huge "get inside it" balls. i hope pepper invites us to do these fun things when we're there.