Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thanks Aunt Staci!!!

luke, jeff & i were at mom’s house when she came home with a package for reese and one for tanner. Reese got a beautiful quilt. right before leaving mom’s, i checked my blog and saw that amy’s & brooke’s kids got quilts too.  so I was anxious the trip home to see if luke got one.  and guess whathe did!

 P1030969 P1030973
P1030977 P1030985

i had a baby shower 2 weeks ago. when my mom checked the mail that day, I got a package from staci. and inside was a quilt that she had made for my little girl.

luke actually went to bed with BOTH blankies tonight.


amyraye said...

so it looks like i'm proving to be right: she did send them to everyone. whew. that was a close one. matt and brett are the only unknowns.

kristen said...

i talked to staci today. she didn't specifically mention matt's kids, but she did make them for amber and kelci.she said she hasn't made chase and connor's yet, but will. she put a lot of work into these, i know. i think it's awesome what she did.