Thursday, April 23, 2009

jeff’s surgery

This morning @ 8, jeff had surgery on his nose.  we were supposed to be there @6:30 for pre-op.  we waited for an hour just to do that.  thanks to papa who took us and nana who stayed home with luke.  i had to go sit with him the whole time.  well, papa was there all that time, too.

papa & jeff waiting…   jeff had to fast for 8 hours prior.  not bad considering it was while he was sleeping.  but, by the time they took him back, he was getting hungry.  i don’t blame him.

P1030962 the nurse took us back to pre-op. there they told us what would happen & we got to ask questions.  the doctor came in and said the surgery would only take 25 min and that he could go home an hour after that.  jeff got to wear a special gown.

P1030964AND he got these neat slippersP1030965 

after surgery, the doc came and told me that he did GREAT.  he said that his right side was completely infected.  he also said that his allergies were really bad (we could have told you that)  Anyway, he is doing well, and he says he can breathe a lot better, good thing-right? 

oh, and thanks to grandma nevada who is going to take luke tonight because she doesn’t have school tomorrow.  (she actually asked if luke could spend the night last week)


amyraye said...

what was the surgery for exactly? how's he doing?
saw you called earlier; do you need me to call you back?

kristen said...

he had some pallops removed. he is doing well, thanks for asking. he was funny to listen to in the recovery room because he was all drugged up.

Natalie said...

Kristen, i'm sorry that i couldn't make it to your shower on saturday. I had meetings that i had to go to all day long. hope it was wonderful!!! love to you! and jeff, get better!