Monday, April 13, 2009



saturday night, mom & i spent the night at grandma nevada’s house. we went to church with her this morning.  the easter bunny found me at grandma’s house.  i got a few cars, bubbles, a ball with a velcro glove, and an alphabet puzzle. 

don’t i look HANDSOME in my easter outfit?

after church, i helped grandma make a texas sheet cake for easter dinner.  i got a little chocolate on my foot that i thought i should lick off.  YUMMMMM!


then pepper called to see if i wanted to do an easter egg hunt with reese up at the park.  reese’s friend, david, also came.  amy filled all the eggs with candy and pepper hid them all.  i got a little head start so i could find eggs on the ground.  after david filled his basket, he started finding eggs to put in my basket.  thanks david.

P1030893 P1030896 P1030898
P1030899 P1030901 P1030902
P1030907 P1030912 P1030917
P1030904 P1030906 P1030909

P1030897 P1030900
P1030908 P1030911


to end our long day, we went over to nana’s house for easter dinner.  mom and grandma brought desserts.  we also sang happy birthday to me and i also got a few presents.  oh, and another little egg hunt just for me.  (except there were a few eggs with money in them)


amyraye said...

the first thing i always notice is that everyone is wearing shorts; no jackets, no goosebumps. everyone's perfectly comfortable in shorts.

but i also loved your presentation of pictures. they look awesome! you're putting the pressure on me to do something a little more with my pictures!

Melody said...

Dang. Can you give me a lesson on live writer you smarty pants? hahahaha Luke looks sooo handsome. What a stud-muffin.