Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Luke had his 2 year check up today. NO SHOTS- YEAH! the nurse said that if he was caught up on all his shots, then he doesn't need any more til he's 4. anyway, he is 251/2 pounds and 331/2 inches. the doctor said if you double his height at 2, that is how tall he will be (so about 5'7'') 25% for both.
got my shoes on and i'm ready
after the doctors, we went out to breakfast at IHOP.
we took his shirt off so it would stay clean. mmmmmmmmm.. pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

luke is talking a lot more lately. it's GREAT! he finally started saying please a few weeks ago ( i was thrilled when he said it). he is just a fantastic kid to have. (& cute, too) i love him so much.


amyraye said...

happy birthday big guy! You and jeff are in for such a fun (maybe not the right word, but you'll find out soon enough) year. he's defnitely a cutie.

kristen- your hair looks so dark. is that poor lighting in the picture- or is it a pregnancy thing?

kristen said...

poor lighting, probably

Melody said...

Happy Bday Luke!

Staci said...

Happy b'day. I can't believe he's already 2. I still haven't met him. Maybe someday....

Just to put things in perspective....when Jared was 3 months old he weighed 24 pounds. He was a CHUNK!!