Monday, June 15, 2009

ouch! that’s my foot, not the road

we started out having a normal sunday.  you know church, family dinner, etc.  after dinner at jeff’s mom’s house, we went and picked up my mom to take her to look at a computer desk that sam (jeff’s brother) wants to give away.  anyway, while at sam’s house, jeff decided to run the ac in the car for the kids.  we had my mom’s car.  it wouldn’t start.  battery just died.  GREAT!  we give it a jump so we can get to auto zone to get another battery.  we got everyone in the car to go… or so jeff thought.  as i was getting sara all situaed in the car, i was talking to my mom.  apparantly, jeff took the talking to mean i was in the car.  so he started to drive off and he ran over my foot.  OUCH!! jeff realized what he did and got out of the car to come see if i was ok.  my foot is fine.  it just burned and i have a nice bruise.

in good news,we got to auto zone to have the battery checked. we thought, if anything, the battery should be pro-rated.  turns out, the battery was less than 2 years old, so they replaced it for free.  mom’s car got fixed.

on the way home, we had just gotten off on the happy valley exit when jeff sees a cat in the road.  well, he thought the car in front of us hit it, but then he saw it move.  he swerved to the righ to avoid it, but then the cat moved to the right and jeff ran it over.  POOR CAT.



abby said...

poor cat and poor kristen! ouch!!

Melody said...

What?!? When was the last time Jeff had his eyes checked... seriously. Thank goodness your foot was ok! Can't say that's ever happened to me before... it did happen to friend of mine though when I was younger.