Thursday, June 11, 2009


this is what luke did last night.

P1040270 P1040269



another pic of luke and sara


luke’s new toy from grandma


amyraye said...

i remember when elli drew all over herself (and your sheets, kristen) when i was pregnant with emma and visiting you guys. it's all part of adjusting to a new life.

luke- does sara taste yummy?

jeff- how's your view of the t.v. with that new toy grandma got for luke?

Brooke said...

jeff looks thrilled to be the father of two. i can't imagine mom would buy that so it must be lorraine? i've lost count of how many times my children have drawn on themselves. it comes off. thanks for posting again. it's been a while.

kristen said...

it was bought by grandma nevada. apparantly, barb bought one for her grandson and he loved it. so, i guess mom thought luke would like it, too. he loves it. except that now we have balls EVERYWHERE! it has big circles on the sides that you can throw balls out of. it only came with 20 balls, so i bought some more. then mom found even more to buy, so now we have over 200 balls.