Saturday, December 19, 2009

update on sara

on tueday night, around 9 pm, i took sara’s temperature- 103.3.  (she had felt really warm for 24 hours prior, but i just thought she was teething or something)  so i called the pediatricians office.  when the dr on call called me back, he recommended that i take her in just based on her high fever. 

what i thought is that she might have an ear infection.  she is the same age as luke when he had his and, to me, she was showing normal signs of one.

anyway, we took her in around 10. NO ear infection.  they did a nose swab to test for the flu.  NEGATIVE.  so they did a heel prick to get a blood sample.  a few minutes later three nurses come rushing in followed by the dr.  her white blood cell count is 27- (it should be between 3.5-10).  they said they wanted to take another blood sample-this time from her arms- AND a urine sample-with a cathedar (sp).  OUCH!

they also gave her a shot of antibiotics and said that she needed three doses of the shot.  so we had to go back for two more nights.  

we got home from around 1 am.  sara did not sleep well that night and we were going to tucson on wednesday to help fix jeff’s friend’s car.  (don’t worry- we got the ok from the dr)  she did not go to sleep til 2, and woke up at 5.  i took her temperature-104.1- and gave her some motrin.  i asked jeff to give her a blessing, so he called the elders quorum president to come over.  her fever went down almost immediately, and finally went to sleep around 6:30 0r 7 and woke up at 8:30. 

she never has had a fever since.  but, she has had and did have a REALLY runny nose. 

the results from her blood and urine samples will take about 5 days to come back. 

when i took her in on wednesday night, they did another heel prick.  the dr said that if he was not satisfied with those results, he was going to send us to the E.R.  her white blood cell count had dropped to 16.9.  WHEW!-no e.r.  they gave her another shot of antibiotics.  this dr told me to try and get her pediatricians office to give her the last shot.

the next day, thursday, i had made an appointment for sara.  her pediatrcian was out for the week. BUMMER!  (i really prefer seeing him)  whatever- this was urgent.  the dr that we saw said that we neede to get both the seasonal flu shot AND the H1N1 for BOTH kids.  she gave sara her last shot even though she didn’t think it would help. 

so now we just wait…….

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poor sara. keep us updated. scary.