Tuesday, December 1, 2009


last week my nieces, amber & kelci, came down to spend thanksgiving with their other grandma who lives in mesa.  they came out on tuesday and spent the day with us. 

when we first got together, we went to lunch at islands.  then we stopped by old navy just to browse. amber & kelci were pretty tired from driving all night the night before, so they came back to my house to take a nap.  we all went to institute that night.

thanks for spending time with us.  come back soon!!


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Brooke said...

hey, now you've seen them as many times as i have in the year 2009. also, i don't think kelci is really sleeping.

Amber said...

We were both asleep... until that stupid flash... haha. I would love to come down again.

Maybe if you invited me to come visit more often (or ever)and not on a week day, then you would see me more often. I am coming over tomorrow night just so you know.