Saturday, March 6, 2010

the BIG day

we have been telling luke all week about what he is supposed to do for his uncle mike’s wedding.  he has been so excited. 

luke didn’t carry the rings, he just carried an empty box.  he did not put the box down, either.  but, we told him what he would do and who to walk with.   he did EXACTLY as he was told.  he was just TOO CUTE.


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089 090 that’s a good flower you have, dad.



he LOVES his tuxedo.  he is even going to wear it to church tomorrow.


Brooke said...

my kids would have never followed those directions. great job, luke. kristen, you look great in your photos. congratulations to mike, too.

amyraye said...

brooke's right: her kids would have never followed those directions. :)
and luke is adorable, too. nice family pic.