Monday, March 22, 2010

grandma & her two boys

grandma nevada’s spring break started on the 11th of march.  that day, her principal actually paid for her & julie (another teacher from her school) to fly to LA for the day to go to the fashion and design institute.

mom picked julie up and drove to our house where jeff then took them to the airport at 6 am before having to be to work by 7.  they were coming back that night. julie’s husband picked them up. 

seeing as how it was so late when she got to our house, she was just going to spend the night. 

well,we also got a call friday afternoon saying that we could have tanner for the weekend.  so, he spent the night too. grandma was so excited to be able to cuddle with her two boys.

this is what luke’s room looked like friday night.  for that matter, it’s also how grandma’s bed looked for the next3 nights.

003 005

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Emz said...

Yay for grandmas!!!!!!!!!!! :)