Friday, March 26, 2010

pajama night

tonight was pajama night at chick fil a.  the rules were if you wore your pj’s to chick fil a between 5& 8, you could get a FREE combo meal.  kids, too.

Mom called me around 3;45 to tell me about it.  so,she came down to get us.  we have a chick fil a right down the street.
jeff met us there after work.

the chick fil a cow was there, AND in his pajamas.


this cow was AWESOME!!  he would walk around and play with kids, sit at random tables with poeple , give high fives.  he even stole a girl’s happy meal (she got it back)  he sat at the table with luke, sara, and grandma, and was playing a game with luke ( you know the game where someone is too slow at giving you five)  luke wouldn’t go see the cow by himself, but he wouldn’t take his eyes off of him.



they also had pillowcases that the kids could decorate.  there was a stencil to use.

038 040
041 043

we were there for 2 hours.

we ended the night with yogurtland.

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