Friday, July 31, 2009

daddy’s socks

I was on the computer and turned around to say something to luke.  he had put on daddy’s socks.  he’s to cute.

P1040479 P1040478
P1040477 P1040475 



this is what our house looks like right now…


because we are upgrading to a two bedroom apartment. 

WOO-HOO!  it will be so much nicer for luke to have his very own room.  (two years overdue)  better late then never-right?

our internet will be shut off tonight and we won’t have it back til monday.  a whole weekend with no internet- what will i do??

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Nevada said...

Can you please change the colors on your blog so I can read it? (older eyes, you know)Either change the background color or change the writing to black.