Thursday, July 30, 2009

something’s in my ear

a while ago, matt was having fun with luke and he did that trick where you pull something out of your ear.


well, every now and then, luke will take his binky, put it in his ear and pull it out.  sometimes one in each ear.


P1040460  P1040459



amyraye said...

my kids have always loved this classic magic trick.

and two binkies now? you're regressing.

Brooke said...

my girls love that game with andy. but they always find quarters coming out their ears and belly buttons. last picture is a gem. adorable. but yes, get rid of the binkys, luke. now that your two mean aunts are finally gone he has had them all to himself.

kristen said...

when mattdid the trick, he did have a quarter. luke quickly found out that he could do it with binkies. he doesn't normally have two. and i try to not let him have it most of the day.