Friday, July 24, 2009


these past two weeks have been so much fun having two of my sisters in town.  it was crazy at my mom’s house.  between us there were ten kids.  we did a little scrapbooking while they were here.  but mostly just let the cousins play.  i’ll say we all went swimming just about every day, until the last 4 days.  that’s when we found out that 3 sisters (amy’s kids) had lice, 3 or 4 kids had pink eye, 2 ear infections, and 1 with swimmer’s ear.  here are the few pictures i took.  we were just so busy that i forgot to take pictures.

nolan,ray,luke, & asher all had matching outfits.





here are pictures of the family totem poles that got done.

P1040411 P1040423

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amyraye said...

are you trying to show me and brooke up by posting everyone else's completed totem poles?!!

i didn't take any pictures either. :( life was just too crazy/busy while we were there. 10 kids couped up in one house is completely insane.

btw, thanks for pointing out (again) it was MY kids that had lice. :)