Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what do i do?

i geot a phone call from my mom yesterday afternoon saying :help, there’s a rattlesnake right outside the front door, what do i do?”  and of course, no one is ever home when you need them. she was about to leave to run some errands, but plans quickly changed. after about an hour or so, she got up enough courage to walk around back and go out the side gate to go run errands.  so, i was trying to call some people… no luck.  then i thought , i’ll call mom’s home teacher-he’ll know what to do. i only had his wife’s number, so i called her and asked her to call her husband.she said she would make some phone calls and call me back.   she called back a few minutes later to say her 16 year old son and some friends were on their way with a shovel.  a few minutes later, i get a phone call saying that the snake is dead and it’s safe for mom to go back home.   when mom got home, she said there was blood everywhere.


**funny side note.  One of the neighbors was home.  well, he came over with a shovel, but when he saw it was a rattlesnake, he ran.


***jeff was sad to not have been the one to kill it.  and i was sad not to be there to get pictures.


Brooke said...

gross. thanks to the brave teenagers who did it, though.

amyraye said...

did you pay those teenagers a buck each? that's what i hear that kind of labor goes for in mom's front yard. :)

i'm not sad at all that i missed it or that you missed taking pictures of it.

i am glad mom didn't have to deal with it.