Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am so lucky

Every week in our ward, Luke is so excited when sacrament ends and we say"let's go to nursery." He just takes off, almost running, to class where he runs in to play(just pretty much ignoring his parents now) Every week we are asked by the nursery teachers what his name is and then when we go pick him up we are told that he was great. Well, today was no exception (except I was glad to see afterward that they out name tags on the kids) Jeff took him to class as I went to get a seat in gospel doctrine. Jeff also picked him up because R.S. ran a few minutes over. But Jeff said Luke got complimented again. The teacher told Jeff that he was a doll and he is very smart. I would have to agree.


amyraye said...

so would I. His is a doll and you are lucky.

Melody said...

He has always been a sweetie pie the times I've seen him. Such a good baby. Wish Dagen wasn't so crazy! She needs some lessons from lil' Luke. Sure hope she loves nursery too. 2 more months. YEA!