Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow much fun!!

Daddy & Luke playing in the snow

Relaxing after a trip down the hill
Jeff the snow angel
Grandma Nevada going back up the hill with Luke

Luke & his Daddy
Mmmmm... Snow- Abbi enjoying snow

Jeff & Luke
Lucy playing with snow
Lucy, Brooke, Grandma, Luke, Jeff & Abbi


amyraye said...

That yellow coat looks awfully familiar... :)
Mom- you look great in your jeans!
Looks like lots of fun. We had a great time in the snow, too.

Brooke Clark said...

A word about these pics: First of all, do you have any pictures where me or my child does not look drugged? Second, there are many things wrong with Jeff and angel in the same context. Third, we miss your handicap decal. And fourth, I guess we miss you guys, too (Jeff a little less).