Monday, January 19, 2009

Quad riding is fun

Luke loves his Christmas present from Nana. Now we just need to work with him on the steering part-:)


amyraye said...

LOVE your new look. And short sleeves in January? so not fair!!!

Brooke said...

yes, love the bright colors on your blog. now can you just change the music that starts playing every time i visit =). luke is adorable in these pics. he looks like he is having a great time and also looks very skilled in the quad riding skills. where are you at here? his green shirt also looked awesome with the green quad. i wish that we saw this fun luke when he's at our house instead of ear-infection luke. would love to visit soon.

genchi's said...

Brooke, we were at mom's house, if that's what you were asking. We would love to have you guys come visit soon. You too, Amy. Jeff made the same comment about the shirt. Yea, hopefully soon we can get this ear infection stuff under control. He should have tubes already. Now we just need to hope that we can get on AHCCCS.