Sunday, January 25, 2009

pasta anyone?

Luke loves to help mommy in the kitchen. He actually helps do anything.


amyraye said...

i hope someone is right outside the frame of the picture ready to catch Luke if he falls off the counter...
Kristen- put a shirt on next time.
Luke has a fun mama to let him cook with her at such a young age.

Brooke said...

i was going to leave the exact same comments as amy. so, kristen, re-read amy's post as if it's from me =). how did babysitting go last night?

Staci said...

I was going to add the same thing as the previous two sisters, but also I hope the stove is not ON. It would take a split second for him to get burned if he lost his balance or touched the pan.

genchi's said...

Just so everybody knows Jeff & I were both in the kitchen watching Luke.
Amy- I forgot that I had taken my other shirt off because I spilled salsa on it earlier. So I forgot that I only had on a tank top until I saw the picture- sorry.
Staci- ye, the stove was on. But as I mentioned, Jeff was there with us.
Brooke- babysitting went fine. I took Mason outside and he fell asleep. Around 10:15 or so, mom took both kids home. Mason woke up in the car and Tanner had to go in the back and stick his finger in Mason's mouth. Chad got to mom's house a few minutes after they got home.