Sunday, January 18, 2009

new calling

Yesterday, a member of the bishopric came over to extend a calling to me. He asked me to work in the nursery, which I accepted. Well, I was sustained today, so it was my first Sunday in nursery.
After I was called, I got to thinking. Why do they call someone to the nursery who has a son that does great in there and who is also 6 months pregnant and can't bend over very easily? Anyway, with me in nursery, Luke just wanted me to hold him and he would just start crying. The other adults that were in there said to me that he never cries. Oh well, huh? I will only have the calling until May. I will last--right?


amyraye said...

They called you because you'll do great in there. Luke will re-adjust soon enough. Good luck!

Brooke said...

can't get away from that calling - how many times did they try to call you to that in mom's ward? you'll have fun, though. did they tell you that they would release you in may or are you just assuming since you'll have a baby. doesn't it suck to find out that YOU are the reason your child is whiny and clingy? i hate that.

genchi's said...

They did tell me that if I need to take a couple months off, there are enough people in nursery that I could do that. But they also said that if I feel that I need to be released, then that's fine, too.
I can't be in there with a brand new baby.