Monday, January 11, 2010

a day with aaron

this morning started with a dr appointment for luke.  just a follow up from his ear infection. then, from there we went to aaron’s house(jeff’s friend) so jeff could help him with some car work.

later, we came back to our house for some pizza and a movie. aaron entertains both my kids at the same time.  sara is apparently fascinated with shoes.

after we ate, we walked around cabela’s for a while. then went to sonic on the way home.  jeff and luke got root beer floats, aaron & i got limemade chillers.VERY GOOD. a must try.

now we are back at our house watching die hard. (it’s pg13)


Staci said...

how are his ears???

Emz said...

Cabella's - let me just say I'm glad we don't live as close to "it" as you. We manage to make the trek out there enough as it is. :) I do like the little fish exhibit. ;)

kristen said...

staci, the dr said that there is still some junk in his ear, but it's had to tell if it is residual or not. he told us that if we still have the drops left to give those to him only if his ear start draining again. sara has an appointment next month, so he said he will check the ears again then.
it is only his left ear and he doesn't let anyone touch it. I try and clean it off every day, but he will only let me do so much.