Saturday, January 2, 2010

my babies

let’s start with sara:

she is 12 days shy of 8 months.

she is a GREAT baby

she sits up really well

she LOVES her big brother (when he is not tormenting her)

She talks a lot125

EVERYTHING goes in her mouth


she Still has NO hair

she is petite- weighing in at 14 lbs

she sleeps through the night (and has been since about 41/2 months)


now on to luke:

- 130

He will be three in April (he is growing up tooooo fast)

he just upgraded to a booster seat last month

he is very much into CARS.

some of his favorite movies include:

-shrek 1& 2, alvin & the chipmunks, open season, & monsters inc

he ADORES his sister (almost TOO much)

he loves books

he LOVES grandma nevada.  in fact, he got to go up to utah a few days early with g.n.  he also enjoyed a fe days in las vegas with matt & family, brooke & her kids, and grandma.

he is full of energy and NEVER slows down

he enjoyed christmas this year & LOVED being with brooke’s kids for a week and a half

he is FINALLY starting to talk a lot more (ever since he got his ear infections under control)

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amyraye said...

such a novice daily blogger; you could have divided this post into 2- and then you'd be done with tomorrow's post as well!

i can't figure out how luke would be interested in the chipmunks. weird.

they're getting so big.